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Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and the process of choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming without the right guidance.  J&R Granite Industry will guide you towards selecting a product that will not only fit your desired budget, but also suite your design ideas. J&R Granite Industry counts with a large stone selection at our location that can accommodate any job size. We also work with all local granite suppliers that have over 2,000 slabs in stock in the Columbus area to accommodate those who are looking for a specific color. Our team will explain the entire process to minimize any confusions and allow you to take control of your stone selection. In fact, a lot of our customers find this process very easy and efficient to follow. 


Over 10 years of experience in the stone industry with one basic goal, to provide the best customer service satisfaction to all of our customers. J&R Granite industry has all the right certifications to work with natural and engineered stone products. 

All of our friendly staff are full time employees that have been fully trained to deliver the best product with a clean finish. Give us a call and experience what makes us different than others.  


Our knowledgeable team ensures a pleasant experience from start to finish answering every question or concern that you may have regarding our product. We are able to describe the type of product that is being purchased so you don’t encounter issues after it is installed. J&R Granite Industry can provide helpful tips for those customers that are concerned about which cleaning products to use to prevent any damage. Seams are always a concern in the stone industry, therefore, we will make sure that you are aware of the best area to place them to avoid any issues during fabrication or installation. Our staff can provide a one-time template prior to cutting so you know how your product will look prior to installing.  

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