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    There are many ways to clean granite countertops without having to risk damaging them. Please avoid using cleaners that are too harsh for the surface; they can damage the sealant and dull the finish. In other words, keep it really simple. 


Here are some simple steps to clean granite surfaces and maintain its shine.  


Items needed 

-  Soft cloth or sponge 

-  Bucket or large bowl  

-  Neutral dishwashing liquid (no scent added)  

-  Warm water 

-  Microfiber cloth 

-  Natural stone or granite cleaner (no oils added to it) 



     °    Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the bucket or large bowl of warm water, working it until suds form.  

     °    Wet sponge or cloth with the soapy water and wipe the surface thoroughly. 

     °   Rinse out your sponge or cloth with plain hot water and wipe away any sudsy residue from the surface. If there are any streaks and a dull finish, it may be because there is still soap residue on the surface. Rinse the sponge or cloth again with hot water and wring it out thoroughly to remove most of the excess water. Wipe over the surface again to remove any residue.  

   °     Wipe the surface dry with a microfiber cloth.  

   °     Periodically clean the granite surfaces with a natural stone or granite cleaner to maintain shine.  


Additional Tips and advice 


- Granite is very hard and scratch resistant, however we do not suggest cutting directly on it. If you do have a scratch, it is best to have it repaired by a professional.  

- Use coasters under all glasses to prevent stains on the granite surfaces.  

- Avoid letting citrus or alcohol products sit on the granite surface as it can etch and dull it.  

- Keep hot items off; always use a trivet or hot pad for protection.  

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